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Product title Cisk 0.0
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Vat Included Greek vat of 24%
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Cisk 0.0 alcohol-free lager is brewed using the same traditional and natural ingredients as Cisk.

The beer is fermented and matured before all the alcohol is then removed through a gentle process specifically designed to remove the alcohol from the beer whilst retaining the flavour resulting in those refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty finish that have become synonymous with the Cisk brand.

Cisk 0.0 is ideal for those consumers who wish to limit their alcohol consumption but still want to enjoy a great-tasting beer.


Typical Analysis
Cisk 0.0 Per 100 mL Per 330 mL
Energy [kJ] 80 235
Energy [kcal] 20 56
Total fat [g] 0,0 0,0
Of which saturates [g] 0,0 0,0
Carbohydrates [g] 3,9 12,9
Of which sugars [g] 0,0 0,0
Protein [g] 0,0 1,0
Salt [g] 0,01 0,03