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Product title Kinnie Spritz - Case of 24
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Vat Included Greek vat of 24%
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Building on Kinnie’s inherent mixability and versatility and seeking to tap into the ‘Ready to Drink’ segment and global spritz phenomenon

Kinnie Spritz is a refreshingly light alcoholic aperitivo, with a 4% abv content, ready to be enjoyed anywhere.

Pour chilled Kinnie Spritz over a goblet of ice, garnish with a slice of orange and enjoy responsibly.

Typical Analysis
Kinnie Spritz Per 250 mL
Calories[Kcal] 170Kcal (8.5%)
Sugars [g] 31g (34%)
Fat [g] 0g (0%)
Salt [g] 52.5mg (0.9%)
% of your Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) Based on a 2000Kcal Diet