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Product title Cisk Pilsner
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Cisk Pilsner is a premium pilsner combining a tradition of brewing excellence and passion with the finest quality Pilsen malt and Noble hops of the Saaz variety. Cool, crisp and immensely satisfying.

Cisk Pilsner offers the discerning beer connoisseur a remarkably crisp and well-hopped flavor with a rich white head, a delicate bitterness and a superior aroma originating from the rich essential oils present in the Noble hops.

Cisk Pilsner is a true Pilsner of exceptional quality.

Typical Analysis
Cisk Pilsner
Per 100 mL Per 500 mL
Energy [kJ] 190 621
Energy [kcal] 45 149
Total fat [g] 0,0 0,0
Of which saturates [g] 0,0 0,0
Carbohydrates [g] 3,2 10,6
Of which sugars [g] 0,2 0,7
Protein [g] 0,5 1,7
Salt [g] 0,01 0,03